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    Angel Wish Dish Restaurant is located at D'Talipapa, just around the (left) bend from the more famous Plato D'Boracay. They offer an a la carte menu as well as cooking service. They also charge less than Plato for that service (about P20-50 difference per kilo), for example, they only charge P100 for baking a kilo of oysters while Plato charges P130 for it. ...

    Buy fresh seafood from D'Talipapa Seafood Market and try mango sauce for prawns,white wine sauce for murcles and lemon grass sauce for tuna fish and lobster !...

    Your vacation will truly be complete with dining at Angel Wish Dish, a "paluto" restaurant at D' Talipapa.....

    Angel Wish Dish: Addicting and Affordable Restaurant in Boracay

    If you happen to be in Boracay, you must dine at Angel Wish Dish. It is by far the best choice for your seafood cooking needs. They offer an a la carte menu as well as cooking service....

    12. Angel Wish Dish Paluto. This one is located in D’ Talipapa. To get here, you have to take a tricycle. Their food is good but the experience my friends and I have on this place is something you might want to read about. Click the LINK for the story...

    Facebook Review​

    Dan Kelly. Cant speak for the location in Boracay but the location in El Nido best place in town.

    So-called market of feeling The Asia. Restaurant district surrounding it and the fish market in the main, is a souvenir shop, supermarket ... Angel Wish Dish.​

    Lunch lingered for a long time, do not know the election Which, all in a warm greeting guests, could not refuse ha ha! Finally chose this shop to eat ...

    Dinner bought a squid and shellfish two types, to ANGEL WISH DISH was crowded most in Taripapa...​

    "Angel wish dish"




    We are June 25 to D'talipapa, selected hotel is next to the Angel (because the random selection of the Great Wall Hotel renovations), purchase seafood almost 5300p, processing fees 1700p, whole meal down to about 7000p (1000rmb), ...

    Boracay stay last dinner, one and dive shops that are put on the blog
    of the owner's recommended shop "ANGEL WISH we went to DISH ".

    At the shop located in the immediate vicinity of the market that D Taripapa, clerk from the market
    for us to cook come to buy seafood. ​

    D Taripapa the early story but I miscellaneous shopping malls, there is a market of fish and vegetables in it, where it bought the food, but ~ ~ of is the basic to get food brought in many a restaurant around ...
    Recommended shops that Angel Wish Dish.


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